Goeie dag! Molo! Howzit!

Many South Africans write to me asking what PayPal is about or to say that they some other issue about paying. As an ex-South African, I totally understand your situation, which is one of the reasons I wrote the guide and bother keeping it updated.

I'll explain a little about PayPal first. PayPal has 150 million users worldwide and is owned by Ebay. You can read more about it here at: http://www.paypal.com . Essentially you send money from your PayPal account to another person's PayPal account.

But you don't have to join PayPal, you can just pay with a regular credit card just for what you want - PayPal is just processing our transaction, like any other website. On the screen you are presented with when clicking on the PayPal button, you have the choice of joining up OR proceeding to pay without joining. If you merely want to pay with your credit card, then find and use the link that follows on from 'Don't have a PayPal account'

But I can suggest an alternative plan if you don't want to join PayPal or pay with your credit card.

You can simply deposit a lesser amount than the website price (to reward you for your extra effort) in to a South African bank account that belongs to a relative of mine.

Simply send me an email on vaughan@ukimmigrate.co.uk saying you would like to proceed with payment via this route and I'll respond with the necessary details.

After you have deposited your payment, if you could scan the deposit slip or screenshot the electronic transfer and forward this to me, then this will speed up matters. If scanning or screenshotting is not possible for you, then we can just simply wait for my relative to confirm the deposit. At the end of either process I'll forward you the guide and its bonuses.

Whether you choose to join PayPal, simply use your credit card via PayPal or want to deposit funds straight in to a South African bank account, I look forward to hearing from you.

Hou die blink kant bo!

Kindest regards

Vaughan Vandenberg

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